Taiki Ozawa 


from Kanagawa/Japan.
'Chaitune'  music production.
Founder of music&art project「Karmacura Studio」.
Rave ’Goku Raku’ promoter.

“Connect countless multiverse channels.
Upon receiving ancient and cosmic signals, the frequencies begin to make sense.
The vibration becomes sound, shakes the earth and moves the vision of people.
The spirit that lost the core will wilt and people will gradually understand the meaning of nature.
The sown seeds will reach the time of sprouting, they will become a great tree and many birds will gather to look for fruit.”

Debuted as a UK Hard House DJ in 2003. Around the same time, he started producing music as Chaitune.
He was immersed in production until around 2012.
In 2014, he began DJing again as Taiki Ozawa and started an outdoor rave "Goku Raku" in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Since 2015, the activity base has been expanded to Tokyo / Mexico City. 
In October, he held “Goku Raku 2015”.

Since 2016, he has started releasing his music, from many labels such as 
Latin Bass Mexico (Mexico) / Cicuta Netlabel (Spain) / Art Style Techno (Hungary) / Traxacid (Spain) / WOS (Mexico) / DMT (Canada)
Otomo Trax (Holland) / Label Marasm (France).

In addition, the range of activities has been expanded, including participation in radio programs in Mexico, Colombia and Germany, various podcasts, and compilations.

At the end of 2016, he moved to Mexico City and joined the Mexican experimental rock band 'Terooka'.

In 2017, with the cooperation of Roland Mexico, he played DJ at Mexico's largest DJ trade fair, DJ World Music Conference.
As an improvised performer from around 2018, he will start full-fledged activities and establish a number of improvised methods by performing live sessions with free jazz and noise musicians.
In addition, French Label Marasm released his first analog EP "Helecho Dub5"
And in May, he performed the premiere of the conceptual live painting show 'Ki-Shou-Ten-Ketsu' as a project Karmacura Studio with Mexican visual artist Lui Itzel.

In 2019, he appeared in FIME, a festival specializing in noise and free music in Queretaro, Mexico.
Then, a duo live with tabla players was performed over a week at Monkey Town Mexico.
The activity as '' Chaitune '' restarted, and the digital EP '' Returns '' has released.
In September, withdrew from Terooka.

In January 2020, the album 'VIVA' will be released.

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